Jiangsu TianYuan(SKYPOTM ™) Metal Powder Co.,Ltd as the most competitiveness manufacturer and supplier of fine spherical aluminum powder in China, aluminum powder with following characteristic:

Jiangsu Tianyuan Metal Powder Co.Ltd
Post Code:212352
Tel :+86-511-86456521
Email: jsty_88@126.com

      Spherical Aluminum Powder is the flagship product of Jiangsu Tianyuan Metal Powder Co。, Ltd。, it is using the whole sealing nitrogen protection of new productive technology for production, the production process from aluminum ingot melted to finished product packaging is full automatic control, is currently the most advanced technologically production equipment in inland。 The product can be applicable for photovoltaic, high-grade metallic pigments, chemicals, electronics, aerospace, metallurgical industries and so on。

      All the index of the product were met and exceeded the National Military standards (GJB1738-93), also reach all the requirements of American Military standards MIL-A-23950A (AS)

      The corporation now owns annual production capacity of 6000 tons of new automatic classification of aluminum powder production line, and achieves on production of an annual output of 3000 tons superfine spherical aluminum powder, 1000 tons photovoltaic conductive ultra-fine aluminum powder, and become the leading corporation of photovoltaic conductive paste aluminum powder industry in inland China.

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